Select Clients

Johns Hopkins Medicine
National Institutes of Health
Centers for Disease Control
National Library of Medicine
Foxcroft School for Girls
Londontown Visitor Center
National Building Museum
Delaware Public Archives
Fairfax County Parks Authority
International Monetary Fund
Henry Ford Museum
Colonial Williamsburg
The World Bank
Embassy United Arab Emirates
United States Institute of Peace
Pope John Paul II Cultural Center
The Kennedy Center
More to come

Select Projects

Giving in America
Solar on the Line
American Presidency Entrance
Ella at 100
NMAH 2W Opening
NMAH Donor Wall
Hopkins Bayview Donor Wall
Hopkins Environmental Graphics
Hopkins Donor Wall
Hopkins Heritage Hall
AARP Environmental Branding
Hidden Oaks Nature Center
Hidden Pond Nature Center
Londontown: A Lost Town of the Chesapeake
Hear My Voice
Camilla’s Purse
Manhunt: Chasing Lincoln’s Killer
G-Men and Journalists
Digital News
Foxcroft’s 100th Anniversary
Delaware Public Archives
NLM History of Medicine
The Life and Vision of Sheikh Zayed
Institute for Biodiversity Genomics
Sports: Breaking Records, Breaking Barriers
Tools of the Imagination
Marine GEO
More to come